Up next

So there’s many things on the todo list. The list never gets shorter it seems, only longer.

Anyways I’ve been convinced that aside from the many bug fixes and misc features I really want to add in content for players up to level 20. It isn’t fair that some people have purchased +10 levels and there is only content up to level 14.

So I think from here on out i’m going to design the remaining zones to handle 2 player levels. This will increase zone population and make the world appear fuller.

The jungle zones 1, 2, and 3 are next. These will be associated with player levels 15 – 20. I want to add an emphasis on crafting so the next uncommon items will mostly be crafted. Green items will drop from npcs.

Remember there is a lot of stuff on the list. I’ll see what else I can sneak in. I plan on hopefully knocking out these 3 jungle zones by the end of the weekend.

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