What we’ve got so far for the next release 1.41.2

- added 3 new quests to Bradds Downs 2 and new quest rewards items, these quests and items require level 12
- objectives for Bradds Downs 2 have also been updated to include the 3 new quests and one new boss kill
- added cave sub zone to Bradds Downs 2 and new Desert Wolf npcs
- added new Spirit (Magic Damage) and Strength (Melee Damage) items to Bradds Downs 4 including two new weapons. At level 14 these items alone yield about 65% damage increase. With Litch Rune and a lucky critical strike I was able to nuke one of the new Npcs for 300+ damage with an Ice Blast
- increased the max viewable distance from 35 to 40, and set the default distance to 40 (was 25)
- the quest rewards should now correctly show Cactus Thorn Shaft recipe in Bradds Downs

Now for that online store. Once we get this next major hurdle completed we can move on with our lives and work on fun stuff.

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