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I read a post with some suggestions and complaints, so I am going to base some of my post around that.

First of all, I would like to say that I have really enjoyed playing this game. (I just downloaded it a couple of days ago.) I am a huge RuneScape fan, and this game has one of the closest feels to that of RuneScape, but for Android.

Now, for suggestions:

1) I agree with the suggestion that more money should be easily earned. It would take me a year, at the rate I'm going, just to get 5,000 coins for a cottage.
2) Allow more inventory, bank, and auction spaces for free. I love that this game is free. However, it can get really frustrating having to think about what I care about the least, in order to throw it out. RuneScape allows 28 inventory spaces, and over 100 bank spaces to its FREE players. The auction house should have more slots available as well.
3) The auction house can be a difficult market in two ways. I will address both of these with suggestions:
a) It is difficult to determine at what price to sell items. I have seen approximately 30 copper ores going for about 900+ copper coins, although they sell for 1 (or 2?) Copper coins at shops. I feel that an economic system should be implemented, providing for inflation and deflation of value of these items. Even without inflation and deflation, a market price should be displayed to players when trying to "auction" their items, but the player should still be able to set a price of his or her choosing. I also feel that these prices should be more than simply 1 or 2 coins, in order to make the gathering of resources more worthwhile. At the very least, a true auction system may be implemented, allowing players to bid on certain items, or pay a "buy it now" kind of price.
b) Due to the reasoning behind the previously discussed suggestions, I have been having an issue at the auction house lately. Because I only have 30 minutes to cancel my auction, I am now stuck for a total of 3 days, assuming I most likely will not sell my item(s). I think that, along with the ability to auction more items at once, auctions should be able to be removed at ANY time during the auctioning process.

Please do not take my criticism personally. I personally love constructive criticism, so that is what I'm offering here. I really do enjoy this game, and, in fact, I'm about to play it a little bit more when I finish this post.

Thanks for reading my comments and suggestions.
BlackCrow (Ryan)



My previous post was posted at the wrong time. Right after posting my post, I logged in to the game, and my auction had sold. However, it's still frustrating to have to wait for so long before having my auction sold.

An example that would make me happier is the same stipulations for the time limits for each auction, but maybe the allowance of 3-5 auction slots for free? This is just one suggestion.

Thanks for reading,
Ryan Shukis



Hey I'll reply in more detail when I get some more time. I appreciate that you created a thoughtful post.


I initially intended on making some money with this game and thought this business model would work. But now that it hasn't proved very fruitful I think I'm going to open the game up and allow a lot more of the in game store items to be attainable in game. I will start by removing the level cap and reducing the amount of xp needed at higher levels. So the next pass I do I'm going to make those changes.


As for the economic system I had this whole thing planned out where high level ores (silver, gold, palladium, platinum and rhodium) could be harvested and crafted into coins. The auction house already allows for this. So people could set their own exchange rates. Since high level ores would be rarer that would automatically allow players to sell their low level copper coins for fewer more attractive gold coins. Crafted and looted items could then be sold for any desirable coin type. Theres more to it but thats the basic idea, sort of a libertarian philosophy.

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