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Level Cap




I have some doubts about how to gain xp when you reach level 10, as well as increasing the inventory and bank slots.

Guides in the site should be where to find the items (ie, which map, NPC or mob drop, etc.)

The game actually has a lot of potential, the battle system of shifts is not my favorite, but the system of selecting the magic through the symbol designed is very interesting.

I believe that to be cap40, the delay to level up in initial levels like lv8 , 9 and 10 this big.

Would also like to know how to increase the slots in the garden.Might consider changing the fact that nickloguin not equal the nickchar.

Since already I thank for attention




Hey there, as soon as i get some free time I believe I'm going to open up most of the in game store items for free. Either by making them drops or crafted items.


If this generates a whole lot of interest I can monetize the game another way. As it stands its not panning out as well as I thought, probably more negative than anything.


Again, I'm working a lot these days so its hard to get a chance to make the needed changes.



I enjoy your game. It's exactly what i was looking for. I do have some suggestions and since you brought it up, i'll post some here. I would love if we could craft backpack and bank expansions. I saw a store post but it did.'t lead anywhere. Guessing that was a work in progress. You could add a woodcutter skill and make recipes using wood, linen, or cottons for recipes of expansions and furniture. This game reminds me of Ultima online only more basic. I'd love to help brainstorm. Also i wouldn't make people purchase lvl increases. I think all players should have the same max level cap. If you want to make realworld cash from an item store maybe consider mounts or changes in our char's appearance. A horse or hellhound or tiger or camel would be cool.

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