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So. Have played a bit and have a good idea of the game now.
Thought i would post some thoughts and see what people thought about my thought as it were.
Open world PvP. Hate it. I dont like PvP in the first place so being able to be attacked, killed and looted is a BIG turn off.
Player looting. Bad enough to get ganked but then to lose all your stuff is not at all tolerable. This kinda thing died in Ultima Online. And no i wont be paying 1.50 per item to "protect" my gear.
Store. Hmm well. I don't like the fact that the prices are at the level they are at. For a BETA game that has one toon slot and alot of work to do this just basically seems like a money grab for personal and/or Dev costs. I wouldnt mind that if the game was complete and the dev was expansion material but in this case its not.
Not real keen on the combat system at all but that is probably just personal taste. would rather have a menu based system than drawing little characters on the screen since essentially thats all the current system really is.

Crafting. I dont mind having to quest or kill for patterns but with the insanely low ammount of money that dros in this game crafting should not cost at all.
Money. more of it. Drop more. More in quest rewards. More. For the love of god more.
Store. The store in most ftp, or at least succesful ones, are made for convienance. But i did see a level cap increase, which would make me believe that as the dev of this game goes on there will be more and more 'pay to win' items. No serious mmo'er will stick around very long if you devlope these kind of practices
Lastly. Rather than trying to stretch game play out by doing things like dropping small amounts of gold and stuff like that have more character slots. players could then redo the content with a different class esentially.

Dont get me wrong. i think this game has alot of potential. Just my thoughts after playing dozens of mmo's for over 15 years.



Hey xindeeju, thanks for taking the time.


I'm going to stick with open world pvp and lootable corpses for the time being, understanding full well it makes this game very niche. I base this decision off of nothing except I always had a soft spot for ultima's "unknown" factor, that is the player element.  Initially this wasn't going to be a major problem as armor and weapons were not going to have that much of an influence on character strength, that sort of got away from me though and now gear comprises about 75% of your total stats. So there is of course work to be done.

As for dropping more money from monsters and quests – I've been having this conversation in reverse with several other players for some time now, who have no more room for any more coins. There was literally no point to money aside from buying a few recipes and a house. So far this is the first time I've heard that coin drops weren't enough (granted there aren't very many players, and even fewer who express their concerns). So this is something I'll put on my radar. There is a more complex monetary system in the works actually which allows for additional coin types to be player crafted only. First up would be silver coins in the jungle zone. These coins can then be exchanged in the marketplace and used to buy items.

The online store is so far from turning anything close to a profit that I'm not overly concerned about it – therefore I may take your criticism into consideration and convert core functionality (like level caps) as base features into the game. One day I would like to monetize the game, and I just haphazardly chose a few random features and turned them into marketplace purchases. 

Haven't had much time lately to get much done. When I get back into it I think I'll have a seroius discussion with some players and remove the level cap restriction. Also, I have debated turning the combat system into a real time system (with runes). I have also been throwing around the idea of weapon swing speed dictating how many spells you can cast per turn (faster weapon = more turns & less damage; slower weapons = fewer turns but more damage). So theres quite a few things we can do to spruce up combat.

Glad you posted

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