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Introducing: Anarchyz




well… as an avid gamer of the Legends series (by Spacetime games) I know what a good game is, and needs to make its players happy, This game is already showing GREAT potential, so I know I am staying, and I thought I would introduce myself.

obviously my name is Anarchyz, but for those of you who don't know me (which at this point and time, is everyone) my name is Eric Zorath. I used to own my own company called Zorath Incorporated… but that didn't go very far. Now I run a game development company called DEADGOATGAMES (, which currently has an employee count of 10, but is counting fast. seeing as I have been a moderator of Pocket Legends, Arcane Legends, Galaxy Empires, Island Empires, Kings Empires, Heroes Land for iOS, Galactic Empires (not to be confused for galaxy empires), so I know what both a good fanbase is, the value of advertising, and how to be respected as a member of a game. Well that's all for now folks, thanks for getting this time to kknow me ;)

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