: 10 Crowns
: 28
: Its hard to imagine that to the north in the lush jungles of Rakuen Tangle theres a proud country of spiders called Ponzu, noble and intelligent as any country... But here we have savage animals!

These spiders are as close to Ponzu as apes are to us! These beasts were crawling all over my house last night and stole my 10 crowns.

I have 10 crowns because I slew 10 troldfolk kings in my day. If you could get them back, little lady, Id sure appreciate it.
: n/a
: 17002
: 20
: Okay, weve narrowed down the ringleader out here. Names Captain Gladdus, and hes real charismatic.

Hes charmed all these fools into fighting for him. Were not sure whats in it for him, but whoevers paying him off must be doing a good job of it.

Kill him and the masses will most likely disperse. Im trusting you on this one.
: Santa Poco
: 18003
: 21

Oh, sorry! I thought you were a spider! Im really a brave adventurer, I assure you. Ive cleared the seas of many a pirate from the lecherous Captain Mac G to the impetuous Captain Fodgers.

Theres just too many spiders around here. Give me the creeps. Could go go take care of them for me? 15 would pacify my phobia.
: n/a
: 18004
: 21
: Those pesky pirates left quite a mess of things. They left one of their pets behind; a trained wolf they call Snuggo. Must be pirate humor.

Kill that thing and Ill give you something worth your while, sweetcakes.
: n/a
: 210004
: 22
: Youve done a great job here in Azure Brine. Its time to finish these guys off.

Go kill off 15 pirates and clean this place up.
: Santa Poco
: 270003
: 25
: Another pure heart falls to darkness.

Nermal was once a successful merchant that became mayor of the nearest town. In fact, some wondered how his power grew so fast.

Now he has shown his true colors. He is in league with the Asuras Legion.

He must be defeated.
: Oathkeepers
: 300002
: 26
: Greetings, Maiden Warrior. The Huldrekall are getting overrun by the Troldfolk.

You would do us a great service by slaying 15 Fesity Trolls.
: Huldrekall
: 300005
: 26
: My poor, poor wife, Ergi stole her wedding dress, but while we chased him down she dropped her sack of wedding presents including her ring.

I still know all of her love without having a material object, but she loved the band so much...
: Huldrekall
: 360003
: 29
: The Huldrekall are a devout people who serve the war Gods with all their heart and soul. They have all my respect. We must protect their ancient temples from the Dark Evokers.

The resident Overseer of the Dark Evokers is torturing the dead souls and harnessing their power like demonic energy. His perversion of the dead must end. The Gods are offended and enraged at these actions.

Go be the weapon of the Gods and smite the Overseer Wizard.
: Maltsev League
: 390001
: 31
: After the battle with Durjus the Aggrieveds troll forces, there arent many of us left to fight. Could you help by killing 15 of Durjuss Miserable Troll followers?
: Huldrekall
: 390005
: 31
: Sometimes the dead are still attached to the physical world and cant move on. Because of this curse, the dead can literally be attached to their old possessions.

Elderblight has always been heavy with dark spiritual energy. Only the bravest Huldrekall generals ventured too far. Weve heard the legends that 10 Huldrekall generals wander around in these woods still, but I meditated on it and found that these generals will be known by the medals they still wear.

If you defeat a Forgotten Soul and find a medal, collect them and bring them to me. There sould be 10 in all.
: Espers
: 420002
: 32
: Do you think all these angry souls could possess animals? Well, it just seems the Loathsome Snakes here are especially dangerous.

Kill 15 Loathsome Snakes and Ill reward you.
: n/a
: A Brave Leader
: 33
: I followed Lord Haz here after the battle with Durjus the Aggrieved. I cant believe our leader would just leave like that...Hes no coward, what could he be chasing?

Durjus must have sent these Miserable Trolls to stop Lord Haz.
: Huldrekall
: A Chicken with its Head Cut Off
: 39
: Lord Ed is preparing troops to assault the Infernal Orb of Fire. Removing him from the equation will no doubt weaken their forces. Slay Lord Ed in order to stall the attack on the Infernal Orb of Fire.
: Oathkeepers
: A Deviant End
: 39
: Daggerpelt is the fiercest of the deviant skidders and has been enraged by our attacks on their species. It is time to end his reign. Slay Daggerpelt and you shall be rewarded.
: n/a
: A Living Document
: 35
: There is a sacred document hidden in these swamps that holds great meaning to the freedom fighters in this realm. It is one of only a few remaining copies and we must keep it safe from those who would distort its powers for the sake of their own malevolent plans. I fear that the recent attacks in this region have made the Festering Mire a treacherous place to hide such a treasure.

Retrieve the Atlas of Sovereignty and see to its safe return.
: n/a