: A Matter Of Pride
: 16
: This war has taken more than our pride, but our families, too! My family was 20 more before they devistated us.

My family was renown for our tea, but now I am alone because of North Ponzus misguided ideas.

Those North Ponzus are just foorish and prideful! They should pay for their crimes against the Ponzu people! They should be 20 less to know my pain!
: South Ponzu
: A Noble Death
: 37
: Lord Rusthund has been rumored to be in alliance with the Asuras Legion. Fortunately, he does not yet know that we are aware of his treachery. I believe you to be one of the few warriors that possess the combat skill necessary to defeat him.

Kill Lord Rusthund.
: Oathkeepers
: A Shadow of a Man
: 40
: Lord Condon didnt leave this world without something to remember him by. Prior to his assassination he was able to unleash a very dangerous spirit into the Ashen Summit. You must destroy this spirit before it ravages these lands.

Kill The Dark Shadow.
: Gate Keepers
: A Taxing Problem
: 36
: The Frostblade Recruits in this area are posing more of a threat than we anticipated. They have stolen so many supplies from the local villages and yet they still demand more! They say that our people should be grateful that they let us keep anything at all. If they gain any more power, we will be lucky to keep our own lives.

Kill 15 Frostblade Recruits.
: Tempest Batallion
: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
: 37
: One of the mourning souls has evaded capture and has become corrupted. In this state, he will prove to be a formidable foe. Do not underestimate his power.

Kill Cimmerian and you shall be rewarded.
: Espers
: Addition and Subtraction
: 35
: The Frostblade Recruits are the newest members of the Wintertide Outlaw faction. They are ruthless and intent on proving themselves to their superiors. We need your help to ensure that the Wintertide Outlaws do not continue to add to their ranks.

Kill 15 Frostblade Recruits.
: Tempest Batallion
: Alabama Blacksnake
: 3
: You look like a tough cookie!. The village is surrounded by poisonous snakes. I need you to go out there and collect five of their glands so we can study them.

And by study I mean turn this venom into a recreational antidote.

Go getem cookie!.
: Santa Poco
: An Honest Deed
: 22
: I think hell has puked all over us!

There are so many demons. We must protect the world from all evils, whether they are sent by orders of government or hell itself.

Go out and slay 20 of these devils. The Gods will reward your soul, but I will reward your pockets.
: Oathkeepers
: An Unwelcome Guest
: 40
: I knew the Asuras Legion was up to something in the Ashen Summit! Lord Condon has been spotted nearby and that spells trouble for us. He must be dealt with immediately or the consequences will be dire.

Kill Lord Condon.
: Oathkeepers
: Animal Control
: 38
: Sharpfang Skidders are such a nuisance! They have been biting my animals and infecting them with some kind of curse. Now I have to find a cure but I cant seem to get them to leave me in peace! Please help me keep the skidders at bay!

Slay 15 Sharpfang Skidders.
: n/a
: Armorsmithing Training
: 14
: Has my friend talked to you about tailoring stuff in that tower...?

Oh well its just that if youre going there anyway, theres also some nice stuff to make nice armor.

Could you be a dear and steal me some good armorsmithing supplies?

Ill teach you to make great armor.
: Logan Alliance
: Ask for Directions
: 40
: The Firestache Commanders are on to us. As soon as we retrieved the keychains from the sorcerers, the insurgents were moved to an unknown location. I have a feeling there may be a dungeon hidden beneath the prisoner camp but we need a map to find its entrance.

Collect a Firestache Dungeon Map from a Firestache Commander.
: Ember Rebels
: Atrophy
: 40
: Some of the Lords of the Deep were exhibiting signs of increased size and strength. As part of our investigation into weakening the portals, we began testing the combined effects of the shards on these nearby hordes as well. See if you are able to take down the Lords of the Deep now that we have used these shards against them.

Kill 15 Lords of the Deep.
: Gate Keepers
: Back to the Past
: 34
: We have recently heard that the Swampbone Skeletons have raised the corpse of a once great warrior. The Festering Mire is already overrun with these skeletons and we cannot allow their forces to grow even stronger. Kill Rotknuckle and send him back where he came from.
: Arcadian Ring
: Bad doggy
: 2
: While the world is in chaos a pack of wild wolves has moved into our home. Please, seek out the mother wolf, Hanbanana and take her out. Take no pity on this foul beast, she has done much more than just steal our pie.

Hanbana is usually roaming around just north of here.
: Santa Poco
: Bad to the Bone
: 36
: I have just learned that the recent attacks by Elder Icepaw were the work of only one beast. His name is Stormclaw and he must be put down. Slay Stormclaw and return for your reward.
: n/a