: Arcadian Ring
: A band of survivalists that have established their home in the Festering Mire and lead the cause toward eliminating the growing threat of the Wasteland Walkers
: Asuras Legion
: Demon army entering the world through portals from the underworld
: Dark Evokers
: An ancient order of Wizards responsible for great discoveries in magic. Their yearning for knowledge eventually turned into an unquenchable desire for power.
: Downey Republic
: Former peaceful inhabitants of Bradds Downs, now under control of the Red Queen
: Ember Rebels
: A small clan residing in Ashen Summit, establishing a resistance against the onslaught of the Searing Legion.
: Espers
: Humans connected to the etherworld. Very serene and humble, they are looked upon with reverence and fear as they are associated with the passing of the soul from this world to the next.

With all their power they seek out and forcefully remove lost souls who have been corrupted and led astray.
: Gate Keepers
: Small elite force conscripted from the best and strongest warriors in the Oathkeepers. These brave soldiers have been dispatched to the frontlines to gain intelligence and attempt to sabatage the portals that connect their world to the Underworld.
: Huldrekall
: Race of humans who dwell in the forests of Eldergleam and Elderblight. They are interconnected with their counterparts the Troldfolk, dwelling on the shores of Glimmer Lake since all can remember.
: Logan Alliance
: Small desert dwelling nomads who maintain some very crucial trade routes. Experts in surviving in harsh and extreme conditions.
: Lore Keepers
: A small, neutral, and wise race who maintain records of lore, recipes, and magic.
: Lost Souls
: A race of beings trapped between life and death, only through the help of the Espers can they be sent to their final resting place.
: Maltsev League
: An ancient race of unknown origin. Believed to have pionered the discovery of magic.

The recent scourge has brought with it the Dark Evokers which seized control of what once were neutral temples. These temples contain runic vessels which the Maltsev League are trying to protect.
: North Ponzu
: Prior to the schism, used to be part of the Ponzu state indistinguishable from their now South Ponzu counterparts. They now serve a dark power.
: Oathkeepers
: Generations of Freedom fighters united from various nation states, some of which no longer exist. They have held their promise of defending the towers of virtue until the Asuras Legion began swarming through the portals from the Underworld.
: Raiders
: Race of unknown origins. It is believed the Red Queen sent servents oversees to find battle hardened mercenaries. Unfortunately for the Queen, these ruthless plunderers proved difficult to control.
: Razorbacks
: Ruthless and disorganized band of nomads inhabitting the Mission Hills area. Frequently and mercilessly raid towns.