: Red Army
: Soldiers of the Red Queen, consists of awful beasts and humans
: Santa Poco
: Oldest kingdom which was established all over the world. Over the ages it has been relegated to the Midlands and the outskirts of Azure Brine.

The kings of Santa Poco have a strong tradition of freedom, individual rights and resistance to exterior coercive influences.

They are one of the last few nation states who still resist the Red Queen, though their days appear numbered.
: Searing Legion
: A powerful and heavily armored battalion ruling over Ashen Summit. They seek to capture the Ember Rebels, their only remaining resistance in the region.
: South Ponzu
: A friendly race of spiders that has been betrayed by their cousins in the north who have sided with the Red Queen. The South Ponzu still hold out against the Red Army and despite taking enormous losses from attacks from the north attempt to keep the bloodshed minimal in hopes of reuniting their people.
: Tempest Batallion
: Self-appointed militia that patrols the Isolde Expanse, protecting the locals from the Wintertide Outlaws.
: The Hunters
: A race of humanoids known for their tracking and hunting skills. They have long lived in the planes of Mission Hills.

They have to be quick and cunning to defend themselves against much stronger and more agile Ogres who raid their camps frequently.
: Troldfolk
: Inhabits forest regions, at war with their arch enemies the Huldrekall. An unholy bond exists between the Troldfolk and the Huldrekall.
: Wasteland Walkers
: Quickly multiplying throng of skeletons that have been reanimated from the corpses of the Festering Mire.
: Wintertide Outlaws
: Group of transitory bandits known to set up camps on the shores of the Isolde Expanse. They often raid local villages for resources, riches and young women to sell as commodities.