: Alchemy Lab
: Used to make potions
: Anvil
: This is used by armorsmiths to forge armor
: Arms Cache
: Lots of good stuff here.
: Auction House
: Access the Auction House where you can sell and buy items.
: Bank
: View Bank
: Battle Plans
: Somebody is up to something.
: Blue Water Well
: Blue Water Well
: Bounty Board
: Place bounties on other players for a price.
: Bulletin Board
: View, create, and post messages.
: Carpenters Table
: This is used by Carpenters to create furniture
: Cooking Fire
: Cook some food
: Crate
: Looks like a crate full of important stuff.
: Document
: You can barely make out some very primitive markings on this document
: Engineering Station
: Engineering Station is used by engineers to craft bombs and other useful items.
: Etherial Power Orb
: You have no idea whats going on.
: Garden
: Manage a plant and harvest reagents