: GuildStone
: Manage your guild
: Infernal Power Orb
: You have no idea whats going on.
: Loom
: Used to make cloth armor
: Mailbox
: Get items sent to you from the online store, auction house, shop, and other misc. places
: Metallurgists Table
: This is used by Metallurgists to make money and craft jewelery
: Plant
: Manage a plant and harvest reagents
: Relic Stone
: Change Titles
: Reward Center
: Reward Center
: Statue
: This statue seems important
: Statue of Legends
: View the top rated players by category
: Supply Sacks
: Looks like someone left their supplies behind
: Vessel of the Bear
: Behold the power of the Bear. Upon entering combat will reduce all damage taken by 10% for 3 turns.
: Vessel of the Eagle
: Behold the power of the Eagle. Upon entering combat all melee abilities will deal 25% of the damage cause every turn for 3 turns lasts for 4 turns
: Vessel of the Litch
: Behold the power of the Litch. The power of the Litch increases magic damage dealt by 35% and melee damage taken by 10% when entering combat while the effect is active.
: Vessel of the Rhino
: Behold the power of the Rhino. Upon entering combat your magic spells will deal double damage for 2 turns.
: Vessel of the Spirit
: Behold the power of the Spirit. Upon entering combat you will heal yourself and all team members at the beginning of each turn for 10% of their total health lasts 4 turns.