You can only die as a result of combat. When you die you are immediately brought back to life with 50% of all your stats to a nearby graveyard. All of your items in your inventory will be removed and placed on your corpse which is located at the place you were killed. If you wish to reclaim your items you will need to run back to your corpse.

Npcs will currently not loot items from your corpse. Players, however, can and will loot your items. You will also have the option to loot another player and npcs when you kill them in combat.

If you wish to protect certain valuable items from being looted you can purchase Item Insurance from the online store and apply it to your item. Insured items can not be looted, and the effect is permanent on that item, meaning it can never be looted. The insurance bond is broken when you discard an item or store it in a storage container in a house. You can safely place insured items in your inventory and bank only.

NOTE: Dying will not reduce any stats or skills at this point. In the future it may. There is no item durability currently in place but this also may change.

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