General Gameplay

Navigation: To navigate around the world tap an area nearby. A visual graphic (animated arrow) will indicate whether your intent to move is valid and your character will journey to that location. Currently the only method of travel is by foot. I intend on creating teleport spells in the not so distant future.

Interaction: To interact with other players you must first select them. Touching a Player or NPC will display the interaction dialog with several options. You can trade, attack, accept & return quests, etc. When you reach level 10 you will gain access to chat. You can communicate with other players in the same zone as well as directly with guild members.

Combat: You can attack Players and NPC’s (AI). There are a few “safe” zones at the moment where you can not be attacked – however I do not like these and intend on doing everything I can to remove them. You initiate combat by selecting a target and clicking “Attack”. This will switch both players to combat mode.

Combat instances can have up to 3 players per side. You can join a combat instance already in progress by selecting it, which will display the current player’s and npcs engaged in combat, then choosing a side.

Since combat is turn based, each player will have an arbitrary amount of time to cast a spell before their turn is forfeited and they incur a penalty (loss of health). You have the option to forgo your turn. Skipping turns will increase light energy and dark energy. A helpful combat timer will begin counting down when a player’s / npc’s turn begins.

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