Player Housing

Buying: Players can own their own home that occupies real space in the 3d virtual world. To purchase a house you use coins from your inventory. House prices will vary, prime locations near towns or resources will cost more.

Houses are initially set to PUBLIC meaning that anyone can go into the house. To purchase a house, you select a house you want to buy and press the buy button. If you have enough coins you will then become the home owner. The house will become PRIVATE.

Managing: Only you can enter your house initially. You can invite occupants which will grant them access to your home. Only invite people you trust as house guests will have access to items in chests and tables in your home. You can remove people from your guest list at any time.

To add someone to your guest list, select the person you would like to add, then select the house and press “Add Occupant”. There is a limit on the amount of occupants a house can hold so you will have to choose carefully. Larger homes will naturally have a higher maximum occupancy.

There are currently no taxes or fees for owning a home. However this will change. The general theme of the game is government oppression with no appreciation for private property. If you do not visit your home for an extended period of time, it may be flagged as deserted and re-enter the market.

Selling: Selling your house is as simple as buying it. Only the actual home owner can sell his home. Click the “Manager” button from the home dialog. Enter a coin type (copper, silver, gold, etc.) and enter your asking price. If someone buys the house, everything inside will become theirs so be sure to remove any precious items before you sell your house.

Adding Items: To add anvils, shelves, chests, tables, etc. you will need an “Instruction” scroll. Instructions are typically crafted by various advanced professions and may drop off of high level creatures. When you want to build or place an item in your home, stand where you would like the item placed, open your inventory, select the instruction scroll, and press “Build”.

You can build many useful things such as additional storage units, anvils, looms, etc. If you don’t feel like traveling to a city every time you wish to craft items you can do it all from your house with the proper items.

If you wish to remove an item from your home, it must first be empty, then press “Disassemble”. The item will return to your inventory as an instruction scroll. This is useful if you wish to move items around.

Shops: Each house is equipped with a shop where the house owner can sell items. More expensive houses will have more item slots. There is currently no cost for selling items in your shop and sales do not expire after any period of time. Owners may cancel sales at their discretion. You can access your store or another players store by visiting a house and clicking on shop.

NOTE: You can not store any items on the floor of your home. They will be garbage collected and deleted. You can only place items in your home that are built by instruction scrolls. If you want to store an item, such as a sword, you will first need to place a chest or some type of storage unit on the ground. Then you may place your sword inside of that chest.

Tip: Players of a guild may consider combining their funds and purchasing a dwelling which can be shared by all guildmembers

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