Get Started

NOTE: There are two ways to install the app

How to register, download and install Maiden Wars: A free Android MMO.

Minimum Requirements:

Installation instructions from android market place:

Go here, or search for “Maiden Wars” in the app store.

Installation Instructions from website:

  • Go to and click register.
  • Create an account and select a battle teen. Create a username and password that you will remember. You will need those to log into the game world, the website and the forums.
  • Download the latest game version
  • In your phone you must go to Settings -> Applications and make sure “Install Applications From Uknown Sources” is enabled. NOTE: Never enable this feature. It is dangerous. Even for installing this game. You are installing it at your own risk. If you do install the game, make sure you disable that checkbox immediately.
  • Download the latest game version
  • Look for the Maiden Wars application on your phone, open it and log in with your username and password
  • Begin praising

Click here to download the latest game version

NOTE: When the game crashes, a detailed crash report is sent from your phone with information about the crash. You can view all the information sent here. If you disagree with this policy do NOT download and install this game.

NOTE: The game file exceeds 20 mb and will use nearly 50 mb of disk space on your device. If you have a fascist data plan and do not wish to use your valuable megabytes, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. If you are running out of room on your internal storage DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

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