Grow a plant: To grow a plant you will first need to own a home. See the Housing guide for information on how to get a home or be invited to someone’s home. You will also need a Plant container which can is then placed into a house by using an Instruction Scroll. Again see the Housing guide for information on instruction scrolls.

The last ingredient to growing a plant is a seed. Seeds can be found by foraging, harvesting nodes and from creatures. Seeds can be planted by first selecting a plant container and pressing “Plant Seed”. If a plant already exists it must be destroyed. Plant containers can be re-used.

Harvesting: Plants provide players a way to grow and harvest reagents. A plant must be well maintained with the proper amount of water in order for it to grow. Experienced gardeners will learn when to add water to a plant. A plants life consists of 6 cycles, from seed to a fully harvestable plant. A healthy plant will typically spend ~12 hours per cycle. If it has enough water it will advance to the next cycle. If it is lacking sufficient water or is overwatered it will lose regress to the previous life cycle stage.

Each lifecycle change will consume one unit of water (10 is the max and means your plant is overwatered). A healthy plant will continue to grow if it contains 5 / 10 water treatments. The healthy range lies between 4 and 7 water units. Any plant that contains between 4 and 7 water units will advance to the next stage.

In the final stage, the plant is fully harvestable and no longer needs water. The plant can be left unattended and harvested at the owner’s discretion. Certain reagents can only be brought into existance by growing plants. These reagents will be very important commodities and can be sold and traded.

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