The Maltsev League has been entrusted to protect the remnants of the ancient temples. The Red Queen recognized the potential of these temples to interfere with her plans of conquest. She knew that within the temples lies a great power, a power that she is struggling to harness and exploit.

Deep in each temple, behind hordes of the Red Queen’s forces, lies a rune, which when properly activated by the right hands will grant powerful runic abilities.

Runic Spells can only be cast in zones (not in combat). They grant a temporary magic effect, often a protective or unstable aura. The effect will translate to a specific advantage when you enter combat while the effect is active.

Current runes:

  • Rune of the LitchIncreases magic damage dealt by 35% and melee damage taken by 10%
  • Rune of the TigerUpon enering combat you will gain 20% damage for your first three turns
  • Rune of the BearUpon entering combat will reduce all damage taken by 10% for 3 turns
  • Rune of the EagleUpon entering combat all melee abilities will deal 25% of the damage cause every turn for 3 turns lasts for 4 turns
  • Rune of the RhinoUpon entering combat your magic spells will deal double damage for 2 turns
  • Spirit RuneUpon entering combat you will heal yourself and all team members at the beginning of each turn for 10% of their total health lasts 4 turns

Runic Magic is tied to the Clairvoyance skill. You must meet the Rune’s minimum skill level requirements in order to successfully cast.

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