What are Skills

The entire game is based around skills.  Each spell, crafting profession, gathering profession, etc. is associated with a skill.  There are a few special actions which are also associated with skills (Lore, Medicine, Beast Mastery, among others).

Skills are the foundation for using these abilities throughout combat and the 3d real time game world.  New players will start at 0 for every skill, and can raise all of their skills to a maximum of 70.  You will notice certain spells and abilities will have a difficulty associated with skill.  For example the Ice Blast spell has a difficulty of 80.  This means you need at least 80 skill level to even attempt to cast the spell.  You can purchase skill cap increases in the form of “Skillstones” in the online store.  You can have up to 8 skillstones active at any given time (you can remove active skillstones – they will be destroyed after removal so you’ll have to purchase more).  With 26 skills currently in the game and more on the way, you’ll have to choose which skills you’d like to upgrade very carefully.

Skill Difficulty: Success vs. Failure

Nearly everything you do in the game will have an associated skill with a minimum difficulty.  When you’re skill is 20 points over the minimum difficulty you will have a 100% chance to use that ability.  When your skill level is exactly the same level as the minimum difficulty you will have a 65% success rate.  As your skill increases and approaches the 20 point threshold your success rate will increase.

The Ice Blast spell is associated with the Sorcery skill.  As a new player you will start with 0 Sorcery skill and can gain up to 70 points by using lower level Sorcery spells.  Although you will be able to find the Ice Blast scroll and add it to your spell book there will be no chance to cast this spell successfully at 70 skill level in sorcery.  There is no skill gain for failed skill attempts for any skill.

If you decide to apply a skillstone to Sorcery you will be able to increase the skill level to 100.  When you reach 100 you will have a 100% success chance when casting Ice Blast (again when you reach 80 skill you will have a 65% success chance).  This means in combat if you cast a spell and fail you forfeit your turn.

Spell Power / Melee Power Bonus

Certain spells will have their spell power and melee power increased by a small percent based on your skill level.  Currently all spells that deal damage or healing can gain up to 10% more damage / healing based on your skill level.  The full 10% bonus can only be granted when skill level is maxed at 100.  A skill level of 0 will result in a 0% damage / healing bonus.

Similarly when someone casts a harmful spell on you, your skill level for that spell is checked and you can gain a up to a 5% damage reduction depending on your current skill level.  If your skill level associated with the spell being cast on your is maxed at 100 then you will receive a 5% damage reduction.  If your skill level for that skill is 0 you will not receieve any damage reduction.

If someone casts Ice Blast on you and your sorcery skill is 100, you will take 5% less damage from that iceblast spell.  The offsensive / defensive bonuses are purposely uneven and you will find that to be consistent throughout the game to encourage quicker battles.

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