Abilities include your Spells, recipes, harvesting and crafting professions. All abilities need to be learned by reading a scroll. Scrolls are either loot from monsters, bosses, quests or crafted by players. Once you learn an ability, it is permanent. Each of the three main abilities (Spells, Crafting, and Harvesting) are associated with a skill that governs whether the ability can be used (there is no level requirement, just a skill requirement).

Spells are divided into two categories: Combat and Zone. This is because PVP is turn based and the 3d world is real time.

Therefore duration refers to Seconds for Zone Spells and Turns for Combat Spells. Spells can be learned by finding and reading the appropriate scroll, which is then consumed.

There are 5 Schools of magic in Maiden Wars: Blessings, Curses, Incantations are combat spells. Zone spells and Runes are used in the real time 3d world. Each School will list its spells in its own special book which can be found on your main menu in the bottom left of the screen.

All spells are trained by finding the associated scroll. Once a spell is learned it is permanent.

Turn Based Spells (Combat)

All Combat spells (Blessings, Curses and Incantations) can be found in the lower left of the screen in their respective books. Blessings and Curses typically require Light Energy and Dark Energy to use. Incantations typically require special reagents. Reagents can be found on monsters, herbs, and can be grown and harvested in your castle.

To cast a Combat Spell you must first enter combat mode. This is done by selecting a player or npc and pressing “Attack”. In combat, selecting your target will bring up the spell screen which contains a canvas where you will draw a special glyph using your finger right on your screen. Each Combat Spell has a unique, simple pattern or “glyph” associated with it. You can view each glyph in your spell book. When the game recognizes a glyph, a spell is cast.

Real Time Spells (3d world)

Real Time Spells consist of Zone Spells and Runes. Zone Spells can be cast at any time (except while moving) to gain a temporary bonus, such as increased speed, immunity to being attacked, invisibility, increase health, light energy, etc.

Rune Spells are accessed by clicking the rune menu at the bottom of the screen. Runes will place a temporary effect on your character; upon entering combat this effect will translate to a combat bonus such as increased damage, healing and damage mitigation. Rune Spells have a cooldown measured in seconds.

All Real Time Spells have a cooldown measured in seconds. They are activated by pressing the spell button on your toolbar, unlike combat spells. Real Time Spells typically do not require Light Energy, Dark Energy, or Reagents.

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