Going to release 1.42.3 tonight or tomorrow

This will address a few bugs such as not being able to train the Bear Rune, in addition to adjusting the power of certain usable items. Also fixing some stats issues with the Legends scoreboard.

Quick optional update

I released 1.42.2 which addresses a few small issues, this update is optional.

Fixes star power rewards (should now show correct count)
Fixes loot in bradds downs nodes
Fixes issue with player shops

Jungle 1 Is live!

The star rewards for reading crafting recipes in Midlands 6 and Bradds Downs 4 are incorrect – the values should be higher with the addition of new recipes to those zones. I will fix this in a minor update tomorrow or the day after. Rest assured, you will have a net gain in stars after learning the new recipes.

You must download the latest version from the website or google play to connect (1.42.1). The jungle zone is now live. This contains content for levels 15 & 16. As usual please report bugs.

I had to move all items in shops to your mailbox, sorry for the inconvenience. I updated damage and defense from certain attributes, as a result everyone gets a free attribute reset. You can reset your attributes on the character dialog in the Attributes tab.

  • item quantity text is now easier to read
  • increased damage and defense contributions for spirit, strength, endurance and defiance. as a result everyone gets a free attribute reset
  • increased the amount of times a plant can be harvested
  • increased drop rate of seeds
  • did a major overhaul of crafting, items should now cost significantly more materials
  • added metallurgy profession to craft jewelry
  • fixed bug where stats were incorrect when viewing an item on the ground
  • fixed crash when you clicked on certain signs
  • still looking into the honor bug
  • still looking into adjusting text sizes (need to find a proper device to test on)
  • still looking into the bottom hud menu scaling on larger screens (need to find a proper device to test on)

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