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So there’s many things on the todo list. The list never gets shorter it seems, only longer.

Anyways I’ve been convinced that aside from the many bug fixes and misc features I really want to add in content for players up to level 20. It isn’t fair that some people have purchased +10 levels and there is only content up to level 14.

So I think from here on out i’m going to design the remaining zones to handle 2 player levels. This will increase zone population and make the world appear fuller.

The jungle zones 1, 2, and 3 are next. These will be associated with player levels 15 – 20. I want to add an emphasis on crafting so the next uncommon items will mostly be crafted. Green items will drop from npcs.

Remember there is a lot of stuff on the list. I’ll see what else I can sneak in. I plan on hopefully knocking out these 3 jungle zones by the end of the weekend.


  • Fixing server crash issue related to market place
  • reduced drop rate of consumables
  • added more mineral cloth to loot tables
  • disabled harvest button when plant is not at final stage (also when no bounty left)
  • added colors to water density levels in plant dialog
  • added auction houses to midlands 2 – 6
  • raised the price of guilds from 100 copper to 1000
  • raised the price of hosues from 2500 coins to 5000
  • added crafting fee which scales with item difficulty
  • normalized size of player models
  • added guildmember location to guild tab
  • added offline message to chat window when guild member logs off
  • added guild name to player nametag in 3d world
  • game should now give proper feedback when harvest skillcheck fails and bounty is lost
  • guild name should correctly be set and removed when players join , leave or are kicked from guilds
  • quit guild and invite member button should no longer be enabled when you are not in a guild
  • nametags were not being cached correctly in internal storage
  • reduced xp for crystal quests in bradds downs 3
  • guild dialog now scrollable (was cutting off members at end of list)
  • reduced amount of skill needed to use the bleed spell from 35 to 30

There’s a bunch of stuff I forgot. Report bugs as you see them. Enjoy.

Quick fix for new quests and new items in bradds downs

Some people are experiencing crashes in these new zones – to address this please click and hold the background of the login screen until the options dialog appears.

From there press the “Reset Saved Data” button. It will take 5 – 10 minutes to process, please try and keep the phone on while it is processing.

Once complete you should no longer experience crashes in Bradds Downs

There is a new game client available as well, version 1.41.3 which should address this issue. Also it addresses another issue in the online store.

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